What is known about the case of the artist Viktor Elizarov, accused of pedophilia?

The Khamovnichesky Court of Moscow arrested the 65-year-old artist Viktor Elizarov in absentia under an article on indecent acts against two or more minors (part 3 of Article 135 of the Criminal Code). This was reported to TASS by the press service of the court.

“ The court granted the request of the investigation and chose a preventive measure against Elizarov in the form of arrest in absentia for two months from the moment of his arrest or extradition. '' – reported in the press service.

When the police began a pre-investigation check, the teacher was removed from the educational process. Where is he now & mdash; unknown.

The man is wanted. His guidelines were sent all over Russia, reports & nbsp; Mash.

& nbsp; Who blames the artist Elizarov and what?

Viktor Elizarov is suspected of crimes committed against the sexual inviolability of students in one of the workshops of the Moscow Central Art School at the Russian Academy of Arts (MTSKhSh at the Russian Academy of Arts) on Krymsky Val, where he taught for several years, TASS reports.

According to media reports. In the spring of 2021, more than 10 former female students of Elizarov sent letters to the school administration and the police about harassment by the teacher, which took place from 2000 to 2013. They brought charges of sexual harassment, psychological and physical abuse against Elizarov.

According to the girls, Elizarov almost daily brought the students to tears and hysteria, set them against each other, discussed their appearance in front of a classmate, systematically touched different parts of the body, publicly humiliated them with jokes with sexual connotations and openly persuaded them to have sex. The norm of communication for him was insults: “ fool '', “ bastard '' and & nbsp; “ reptile. '' Those who disagreed with the artist's educational methods were declared “ too simple '' or “ not sophisticated enough, '' writes The & nbsp; Village and REN TV.

On November 11, the Baza edition published an investigation about the ex-teacher of the Moscow Central Art School, based on the letters of his alleged victims.

“ I remember how at the age of 12 he held his hand for a long time and squeezed my leg from the inside of the thigh, saying that the girls in this place have such a cool & bdquo; bun & ldquo;. I didn't understand how to behave in this situation. Tell your parents? '' & mdash; recalls Anastasia Kopytseva, who graduated from Moscow Art School in 2011.

Anastasia Matveeva, who studied at the Moscow Central Art School from 2007 to 2011, said that at the age of 12-13, Elizarov forced him to kiss him on the cheek in front of his classmates, and in practice, he thrust her hand under her shirt, checking for the presence of a bra. “ The harassment continued in the field practice & mdash; once Viktor Evgenievich, trying to wake me up, put his hand into his panties, '' the girl recalls.

Similar stories were shared by several other former students of Elizarov on condition of anonymity. In particular, they told Baza about his favorite game of Robin Hood, when the teacher came up from behind and pulled on and released his panties or clicked the bra straps.

“ If someone was indignant after he, coming up from the back during the lesson, will pull on his panties, unfasten the bra, slap on the bottom, then we met with such a manipulative reaction: “ What are you, you fool? Pervert? I didn't mean anything like that! '' – Anastasia Kopytseva recalls.

“ At 14, he put me on his bed with him and hugged me from the back. He began to iron. I lay paralyzed and pretended to be asleep, I wanted to pretend to myself that I was not there. Then he thrust his hand into my pants, under my underpants, and began to play with my labia, accompanying his actions with smacking clatter. I was so scared and ashamed, I was numb, and the only thing I could do was cross my legs strongly to prevent him, & mdash; & nbsp; said Yulia Gonkova , who graduated from the Moscow Central Art School in 2013.

Some graduates said that Elizarov had an intimate relationship with her students. For example, Alexandra Kuryanova, who graduated from the Moscow Art School in 2012, said that at school she “ knew firsthand '' about the teacher's sexual relationship with her classmate. Elizarov himself indirectly confirmed this by asking the girl after graduation if she condemns him for this relationship.

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What are Viktor Elizarov's defenders saying?

Former pupils, colleagues and parents of many students of the Moscow Central Art School defended the honor and dignity of Viktor Elizarov. They drew up a petition, which has already gained almost 600 signatures.

& nbsp; “ We, the undersigned, students of different years of graduation (MAHL, now the Moscow Art School), were stunned by the wave of outrageous persecution that fell on our teacher, artist Elizarov Viktor Evgenievich, '' wrote the author of the petition, one of the graduates of Elizarov's workshop Timur Pashkov. & Nbsp;

He also noted that Elizarov was a strict but fair teacher. Most of the students found support in him and left the Moscow Central Art School as “ well-trained and well-trained masters of their craft. & Nbsp; And Elizarov received a flurry of negativity and accusations of pedophilia, because he “ got in the way of someone. ''

& laquo; And to whom & ndash; it's not hard to guess & hellip; All the former color of the teaching staff of the academic school was systematically disbanded and dismissed with the advent of a new administration at the school. Workshops where the future best artists of the country study & ndash; are actively rented out and distributed among commercial tenants. Elizarov remained one of the last strong artist-educators and authorities who could raise a powerful wave of resistance from students and parents against the destruction of the academic art school. Only the task, apparently, is not just to remove Elizarov from school, but to destroy his authority and personality completely, '' Pashkov noted. & Nbsp;

What is known about Viktor Elizarov?

Born on March 5, 1956 in Nizhny & nbsp; Novgorod (Gorky).

He studied at the music school, then entered the theater department of the Penza Art School named after K.A. Savitsky.

Graduated from the theater workshop of M.M. Kurilko-Ryumin & nbsp; at the Moscow State Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov (Moscow). & Nbsp; By distribution, he taught at the children's art school in the city of Kronstadt, and then, at the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts & nbsp; them. A. Cherkasov in St. Petersburg.

& nbsp; In 1985 he joined the Union of Artists. Participant of Moscow, regional, republican and international exhibitions. & Nbsp;

Since 1987 he has been living and working in Moscow.

According to media reports, he is married (wife – Iraida Vladilenovna Elizarova also works at Moscow Art School. She teaches painting and composition), brings up a son.

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