Wheeler Brothers – Sleep When I’m Dead Lyrics

Street cars and Podunk bars
Said I hope I get there by sunrise
Sleep until noon in….. Hotel rooms can
Lead to barefoot girls dancing on tables

Fix your hair and….. call your friends
Cuz tonight there’s gonna be a party
Campfire storytime, I told a joke and made you smile
Listening to the Rolling Stones


Wake up glassy eyes…It ain’t no big surprise
Said oh my god this ain’t my bed
No shirt wear a pillow case I’m off to another race
I got 5 to 1 I’ve lost my…. Lost My Head!



I got my whole week set…. Hopped on a jumbo jet
I was a shaking like a leaf I’m gonna dry me out
And I f**king hate these things, Tin can with cardboard wings
No smoking sign got me all bent out of shape

I’m clawing at my seat, Pacific Ocean beneath my feet
And the captain muffles something on the radio
Voice on that intercom said, don’t worry just stay calm
Put your head between your legs cuz we’re going down



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