Wil Wagner – Jesus, Judas And Jeffrey Dahmer Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Jesus is arriving in a Honda Civic
And he’s gonna take me back to nature
I should walk up the hill to the observatory
But we talk about the Dodgers and what’s different in Australia
The man with the loudest voice
Stands in the middle of a crowded intersection
He points and he yells and we all feel self-conscious
Reflective reminders of our imperfection

I was born thirty years to the day
After a deranged serial killer
I don’t think I’m all that like him
In rеal life, I’m just kind of a chiller

[Verse 2]
Judas stands beforе me in fashionable faded jeans
And a fresh-off-the-rack black t-shirt
I reflect his body language and I try to hide my stomach
My purple painted fingernails somehow kicked up in dirt

I once had the loudest voice
Stood smack-bang in the middle of the conversation
‘Til I kicked and I screamed and I got a bit mean
And got ignored by an indifferent nation

I was born a hundred years too late
To be some kind of train-hopping troubadour, travelling folk singer
So I’ll just complain in my open-plan kitchen
While away the hours, pretending not to be bitter

[Verse 3]
Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinion of sheep
I don’t know which animal in that metaphor is me
These kind of end-of-evening epiphanies
Happen much less when you live alone
I ate two magic mushrooms
Just wound up checking my phone
Yeah, I ate two magic mushrooms
And just sat here on my phone

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