William Fitzsimmons – Daedalus, My Father Lyrics

Where am I to run
When it's colder than its
Ever been before
And I feel I don't know you
Really anymore
So I cry and I call
But no one ever hears
And I can't hear your voice
Ringing in my ears

And I thought that I could fly
With the wings of my father
Stretched up to the sky
And the words that you said
Forever you and I
Now they feel like some island
I will never see
And I'll stop looking up
For rescue planes for me

Could I fix these wings
All the wax and the plume
Have nearly fallen out
And my father's nowhere
To help me figure out
If a word I could say
Would ever change your mind
So I walk on the water
And sink down every time
And the words that I sing
Feel so f*cking dumb
Cause I know that your heart
Has already come and gone
So I fill up my life
With every broken thing
But I come back to you
The one who makes me sing