Young Fresh Fellows – Power Mowers Theme Lyrics

Narrator: And when the last bronc is busted by those good guys of the west
You can drive from cattle-country to the big mountain slopes where timber
Communities hold their own competitions in the Logger’s Carnival

?Bite into a ten gallon ham? Buy it in two or ten gallon
Food and banners were everywhere
It was the celebration of Ricky’s mouth disease
Down at Russell’s Square
If it’s a wedding or a high-school dance
Or the invasion of the army ants
The Power Mowers can cut it!

Now I was looking at six drunk sailors
They were carrying a loaf of bread
Ricky was swinging with a majorette
Underneath the King’s bed
And if it’s a formal or casual affair
Or just some guy going to the electric chair
The Power Mowers can cut it!

The gathering ????? it’s an arsenal
We’re warming up with kicks
In a caved in bar
The ushers covered Ricky with yellow ?flyers?
And propped him up in the car
Now don’t you worry about negotiations
You need to welcome them at the station
The Power Mower’s can cut it!
The Power Mower’s can cut it!
The Power Mower’s can cut it baby!

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