Zakharova, after Britain's data on after, wrote “Buagaaaaaaaaa 😹”

Zakharova after Britain's data about after wrote «Buagaaaaaaaaaa 😹"

Maria Zakharova

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, responded in Telegram to the message of the press service of the British Embassy that the country's ambassador Deborah Bronnert was summoned to the Foreign Ministry for a “routine meeting”.

“Buagaaaaaaaaaa 😹 », — she wrote.

The diplomat quoted the song of the Boombox group “For the watchmen” and questioned the embassy data.

“I remember white wallpaper, black dishes.
There are two of us in Khrushchev, who are we and where are we from? Where?
Close the curtains, coffee, the buns get cold…"

They were just routinely called to a meeting without preludes,— Zakharova wrote.

British Ambassador Deborah Bronnert was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry the day before, June 30. The department protested to her because of the “blatantly boorish” London's remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin. The British embassy told RIA Novosti that the ambassador came to the Foreign Office for a “routine meeting” and that she was not summoned to the ministry.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry did not specify what specific statements aroused the displeasure of the authorities. However, on June 26, before the start of negotiations at the summit of heads of state— members of the “big seven” (G7) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson jokingly suggested that his colleagues strip for a photo.

“In jackets? No jackets? Let's undress? <…> We all have to show that we are cooler than [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” — the prime minister joked as he sat down at the table. The remark was picked up by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and invited his colleagues to “demonstrate bare-chested riding.”

Later, Johnson gave an interview to German television and said that Putin would not have started the operation in Ukraine if he was a woman. The actions of the Russian president towards Ukraine can be called “the perfect example of toxic masculinity,” the British prime minister added.

In response, Putin reminded Johnson that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1982 ordered military action against Argentina for control of Falkland Islands.

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