Zelensky signs law banning “pro-Russian” parties in Ukraine

President of Ukraine Zelensky signed a law banning “pro-Russian” parties in the country. A pro-Russian party will be considered a party that “denies aggression against Ukraine” does not recognize the “temporary occupation” of certain territories of the country or glorifies the “militia”. The court will liquidate the party. “pro-Russian” parties in Ukraine” />

Vladimir Zelensky

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law banning the activities of political parties with a “pro-Russian” position, says the page of the law on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

"May 14, the law was returned with the signature of the president"— said in message.

The law will come into force on May 15— the day after publication. Earlier, on May 3, the draft document was approved by the Verkhovna Rada.

The Parliament’s Telegram channel explained that any political party that conducts “anti-Ukrainian activities” can be banned. The law expands the list of grounds for such a ban in court. Party activity can now be terminated if:

  • "justifies, justifies or denies the armed aggression against Ukraine";
  • calls the conflict “internal”;
  • denies “temporary occupation” parts of the country;
  • justifies «actions and inactions of persons who carried out or are carrying out armed aggression against Ukraine» (in particular armed formations, gangs and mercenaries);
  • supports the glorification of the latter or calls them “rebels”, “militias”, “polite people”.

The decision on the ban will be made in the framework of administrative cases. In the event that the court prohibits the activities of such a party, its property, including money and other property, is transferred to the state.

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On March 29, the bill was submitted to the Ukrainian parliament by a deputy from the Servant of the People party; Olga Sovgirya. Speaker of the Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk said that in addition to the “pro-Ukrainian parties” in the country “there can be no others.” For this reason, from the point of view of the chairman, any associations acting in the interests of other states should have been deprived of representation.

Ukrainian authorities have already suspended the activities of 11 political parties Zelenskiy claims are linked to Russia. These are the Sharia Party, the Opposition Bloc, the Left Opposition, the Union of Left Forces, the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine and others. Also, the activities of the faction “Opposition Platform” were suspended in the country. For life» (OPLE), whose political council is headed by Viktor Medvedchuk. On May 12, it was liquidated.

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