Zone 2 – Chillax Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Karma]
Hopped in the stolen 4×4
That’s a Volvo or QASHQAI Nissan
Ride out, covered from head toe
With that ballie on face looking like one hijab (Oi)
Gyallie all hollerin at I, to get high
Look at this bisaad
She get kicked to the curb like football
I don’t play ball but I kick it like Imran

[Verse 2: Kwengface]
Kick it like Imad
More time, man stay on the trizzac
Nah g, more time I don’t chillax
Big Rambo through your bizzac
On the opp block, doing up lurk
In the bando doing up work
Gyallie on me like my Rammy on me
Bad b doin’ up twerk

[Verse 3: Karma]
I got bagged for a drug exchange
I was in jail, had the guvs callin’ me by my government name
It feels likе yesterday, I was in PI clothes, all covеred in grey
It feels like yesterday, I was riding basic, 28 days
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[Verse 4: Kwengface]
OT straight, that’s 28 days
I stay out here gettin paid
Fours with the ricky late
Now I might bust my wrist and face
Or I might bust man’s wrist and face
Now I got rackas near my face
My belly was touching my back
Shit, it feels like yesterday

[Verse 5: Karma]
Amount of times I’ve heard
People tell me I’m evil
I feel like Mr Montgomery Burns
I hear bare gun talk in your vids
But out in the fields, it ain’t never been burst
Most of these pagans new plates
Dont compare me to none of these nerds

[Verse 6: Kwengface]
Yo, look
Shay got the power plant, so I’m calling him Mr Burns
I need that dough like Homer
I’m in the Springfield where a man got served
We’re calling our neighbours Flanders
The man good yutes, them man there nerds
How many times have we lurked?
Matter of time til a man got earthed
[Verse 7: Karma]
I love buying things in bulk
But I cheated at Cost Co
Stop talkin on my name so much
Pure givin me obbo
Bro bro moves too bait
I had to cut from jakes, he was gettin me followed
Gyallie on me head bop with my kids in her mouth and they all get swallowed

[Verse 8: Kwengface]
Like Ono
I think that the gang’s on obbo
I just jumped in the cab on the way to the trap and I think I’m being followed
See jakes, I swallow
Tryna out this food out pronto
I like gettin’ things in bulk
Cause the travels less and the price is lo-low

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